Emanuel Cederqvist - Sara Nielsen Bonde

2024.04.05 - 2024.04.28

Hollow totem plough as played 
Reverse erect in mud
In plain unsight decay such token laid 
In barren land on narrow 

Gutted feelings scoop of hand 
As crater in a skid marked palm
All left behind a straightened line 
To follow verbs of monument
And wind in pines

Petrified and stoned a horizontal hold 
On fossils phloem they bore at night 
And funneled through with skolos 
Docked and hornless cutting short the ploughed 
Lay fallow dormant harrow

Tunnel vision tillage until cropping down
A dolmen portal tomb laid bare and overgrown
Cleave cross and fork halve intersect
And separate a split in two and scatter 
Where there’s will there’s a valley
Rift clough glen to gorge in tatters 
Plough and cough concrete 
Harrow gutted strait as laid

The matter dug carved out of question
Long forgotten palimpsest of rooted out
Conundrumskins membranophonic
Mountings over shells thus struck
And laid to rest in trench wake up in gutter
Gurgle foam and simmer
The hollow lays within

Text: Henning Lundkvist

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